Basis pension in Germany

For self-employed and entrepreneurs planning to apply for a permanent residency after up to 5 years from moving to Germany

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What is a basis (Rürup) pension insurance?

The basis pension insurance or Rürup insurance in German was originally designed for the self-employed as a substitute for statutory pension insurance. Many of its features are therefore based on statutory pension insurance. However, the private Basis pension works on the principle of capital cover. This means that the insured person concludes an individual contract and can also structure it within the statutory framework.

Why get basis pension insurance?

Aside from guaranteeing a comfortable retirement. If you are looking for a way to apply for your permanent residence permit after up to 60 months but you don't want to pay into the statutory pension, then this is a product that you should consider.

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Guaranteed pension for the rest of your life

From the start of your pension aka retirement, you will receive a fixed pension every month - no matter how old you get.

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Tax efficient savings

The contributions to the basis pension insurance count as special expenses in your annual tax return. This means you pay less tax on your income

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Flexibility on how you pay into your pension

On top of your monthly payments, you can also make a special one-off payment.

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