Expat health insurance in Spain

Get coverage for your visa or TIE card in less than 2 minutes.

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What is expat health insurance?

Expat health insurance (sometimes referred to as “incoming insurance”) is a great solution for your first years in Spain. It’s good, affordable coverage that fulfills the legal requirements for obtaining your tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (TIE card), visa or temporary residence permit.

Who is expat health insurance for?

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Visa seekers and new arrivals - starting from €45/mo

We provide proof of payment and written confirmation that the health insurance meets the visa requirements (stamped and signed) that can be used for the visa application.

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Students and Au-pairs - starting from €45/mo

Enrolled in a university, coding program or language school? We have some plans made for students in Spain.
€45/mo for students 35 or younger
€60/mo for students above 35

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Digital nomads and freelancers - €60/mo

This covers expats and freelancers who don’t yet or don’t seek full-time employment in Spain.

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Not working and retirees - starting from €60/mo

You are currently not working or have decided to retire in Spain? We have a plan that is made for you.
€60/mo for retirees and not working under 65
€204/mo for retirees and not working between 65 and 74 years old

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Which visas and residents permits is it valid for?

Digital nomad visa
Student & Au-pair visa
Investment visa
Non-lucrative visa
Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (TIE card) and its renewal

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What’s covered?

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Accidents and emergencies

Our plans cover unexpected medical treatments and procedures, as well as associated follow-up costs.

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If an unforeseen illness requires you to take medication prescribed by a doctor, this is covered.
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Ambulance transport
If you are injured or have health problems that require you to be transported by an ambulance to a medical facility your costs will be covered.
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In particularly serious cases, your insurance covers your return to your home country for treatment or in case of fatality, for burial.
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Dental treatment
If you need to see a dentist, pain relief treatments are covered up to €500/year. Tooth replacement after an accident is also covered up to €500.
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EU-wide coverage
With Expat insurance you can rest assured that your coverage extends to all EU countries, in case you decide to travel outside of Spain.

Advantages of expat health

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Get your certificate within minutes
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Recognised by the Spanish immigration authorities
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Coverage for up to 5 years in all Europe
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Visit public or private doctors and hospitals in Spain
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Cancel anytime, no questions asked

What isn’t covered?

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Pre-existing conditions

Treatments related to pre-existing conditions are not covered.
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Routine check-ups

Medical visits without any symptoms or complaints and any conditions discovered during those are not covered.
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Regular vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are only covered in the advanced plan.
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Mental health therapy

If you need to get psychotherapy appointments or treatments, those cannot be covered by the policy.

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