Travel health insurance

Annual plan €18 for individuals and €32 for families.
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Why get travel health insurance?

Safeguard yourself while traveling abroad with visa-compliant, annual travel insurance. Our travel insurance and can be used for unlimited trips of up to 56 days each, per year.

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Worldwide coverage

Avoid costly medical expenses outside of Germany with travel health insurance, which can be used for trips across the globe.

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Great value for money

From only €18/year with 0 deductible, Feather's travel health offers the coverage that you need at a great price.

What’s covered?

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Dental care
Pain-relieving dental treatment, simple fillings and repair of existing dentures.
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In-patient treatment
Medical treatment at the hospital in case of illness or accident.
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Out-patient treatment
Coverage for doctor's visits while traveling abroad in the event of illness or accident.
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Medical prescriptions
Drugs, surgical dressings and aids prescribed to you by a doctor.
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Rescue & repatriation
Rescue costs, transport to and from hospital, repatriation of mortal remains or funeral costs.
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Pregnancy complications
You're covered in case of issues with your pregnancy or premature birth.

Trip cancellation and curtailment

Get additional coverage in case of cancellation, change, or termination of trips due to insured events. Reclaim expenses for canceled vacation days if they have to be terminated or postponed due to covered incidents.

Available on both, the individual and the family plans.

What isn’t covered?
Pre-existing conditions
Treatments required for illness known prior to the start of the journey.
Advanced dental care
Including implants, orthodontic treatment, cleaning, crowns, in-lays, splints and functional treatments.
Precautionary measures
Vaccinations, preventative blood tests and other precautionary treatments are not covered.
Traveling despite official warnings
Treatment is not covered if a travel warning was issued by the German government before departure.

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Important considerations

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You must sign up before traveling

You need to apply for your travel insurance policy 4 or more days before you travel. You cannot sign up after you have left the country or once you have determined that you need medical treatment abroad. If you need travel insurance for a visa abroad, you should also apply at least 4 working days prior to your visa appointment.

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One policy for all your travels

If you travel frequently, especially outside of the EU, this policy saves you from purchasing travel insurance for every trip.
The affordable annual premium covers you for unlimited trips abroad per year, up to 56 days each trip.

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